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Sweet Genovese Basil Seeds


"Leaves are very aromatic and are used in seasoning. Formerly, Basil was considered to possess very active medicinal properties. Its agreeable perfume and flavour being much admired in Kitchen Gardens."

Cultivation: Sow the seeds in a greenhouse or sunny windowsill, ensuring a genial temperature, in March or April, the seeds just covered. Basil is impatient of root disturbance so we would courteously suggest planting a small pinch to a pot rather than attempting to transplant.

The Sandringham Seed Collection: Thomas Etty Seeds started in Kent in the 1980s and have been providing Sandringham with various heritage seed mixes for some years. The Head Gardener has collaborated with the company to provide a collection of seeds from plants grown in the gardens. Now you can grow your very own Sandringham Garden!


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