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Painted Lady Runner Bean Seeds


"Runner Beans were introduced to the UK in 1633, including the Painted Lady, making it one of the oldest names vegetable varieties still available. Also known as the Yorkshire & Lancashire, due to its red and white bicolour flowers. Shorter than most varieties, but can be very prolific."

Cultivation: Runner Beans should be sown 5t from row to row, and the plants 1ft apart, and, if possible, the rows should run north and south. They should always have sticks of they can be provided, and if ridged up when 4 or 6 ins high it will prevent their being blown about during high winds. It is a good plan to keep the ground well stirred between the rows.

The Sandringham Seed Collection: Thomas Etty Seeds started in Kent in the 1980s and have been providing Sandringham with various heritage seed mixes for some years. The Head Gardener has collaborated with the company to provide a collection of seeds from plants grown in the gardens. Now you can grow your very own Sandringham Garden!


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