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"Miss Jekyll Light Blue" Love in a Mist Seeds


By 1659: "Nigella must be sown in a ground that is fat or well tilled. The fume of the seed taken, doth stay the rheume, dry the brain and causeth the smelling that was lost to come again: boiled with water and vinegar and holden in the mouth it assuages tooth-ache".

Cultivation: Broadcast sow in a prepared bed in sun or semi-shade in March or April, or August and September and thin as required.

The Sandringham Seed Collection: Thomas Etty Seeds started in Kent in the 1980s and have been providing Sandringham with various heritage seed mixes for some years. The Head Gardener has collaborated with the company to provide a collection of seeds from plants grown in the gardens. Now you can grow your very own Sandringham Garden!


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