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Drunken Woman Lettuce Seeds


A somewhat unusual name, but one which seems to be in common usage. Perhaps the reddish streaks suggest the visage of an inebriated woman! "Loose-leaf" with bicolour red and green leaves.

Cultivation: It is proper to recommend the cultivation of Lettuces on a rich soil and with the aid of liberal supplies of water. Sow seeds in pans under glass in February and March, and prick them out 3ins apart. The plants from this sowing will afford an early supply of delicious lettuces, if planted out with care on rich soil and kept well watered. From the late March until July make occasional small sowings and plant out as fast as they become large enough, selecting showery weather, or giving shade and water.

The Sandringham Seed Collection: Thomas Etty Seeds started in Kent in the 1980s and have been providing Sandringham with various heritage seed mixes for some years. The Head Gardener has collaborated with the company to provide a collection of seeds from plants grown in the gardens. Now you can grow your very own Sandringham Garden!


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