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Bull's Blood Beetroot Seeds


Good for dual use as both the leaves and the roots are eaten. Outstanding dark red leaves and roots. A Dells Dark Crimson Dwarf Beet is noted in 1885, described thus "this variety is distinguished by the dark red colour of its leaves which are broadly crimped and have an almost glazy lustre".

Cultivation: Sow about the end of April or beginning of May. Take out the mid-ribs and serve up as Sea-Kale, when they will be found very delicate. Beet seed should not be sown before the last week in April, or the first week in May, as it will not germinate while the earth is cold, and if the weather is mild enough to bring it up, it is in danger of being destroyed by returning frosts or if it escapes this danger, the roots become too large, and are not so tender as those soon later.

The Sandringham Seed Collection: Thomas Etty Seeds started in Kent in the 1980s and has been providing Sandringham with various heritage seed mixes for some years. The Head Gardener has collaborated with the company to provide a collection of seeds from plants grown in the gardens. Now you can grow your very own Sandringham Garden!


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