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Sandringham Rhubarb, Orange and Ginger Cordial


Concentrated fruit syrup made from fresh rhubarb, oranges and ginger.

"Pale peach in colour. Sublime nose of fresh orange zest and grated ginger. Supple, elegant and addictive with distinct warmth of ginger nd dryness of rhubarb. Sophisticated yet playful."

Norfolk Cordial makes premium, pure fruit syrups for the discerning adult palate. When diluted the syrups create our trademark, well balanced, low sugar, non-alcoholic drinks.

Many ingredients are sourced from growers in the region. The ingredients are cold-pressed which enables the syrups to retain the pure, fresh flavours of these regional fruits and flowers.

Volume: 250ml

Ingredients: Sugar, Freshly Pressed Rhubarb, Fresh Orange Juice, Freshly Pressed Ginger, Citric Acid. 


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